What Is jQuery?

jQuery is a fast, compact and cross-platform Javascript library packed in a single .js file. The main purpose of jQuery is to help the developer by making it easier to work with HTML documents. It does so by making HTML document transversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax, easier. You can download jQuery from […]

How To Add Class Names In jQuery?

To add one or more class names to the selected element, the addClass() method is used. It is only used to ADD one or more class names to the class attributes and not remove existing class attributes. It adds a specified class to each element from the selected elements. jQuery addClass() Syntax: (According to the […]

12 Awesome jQuery Virtual Keyboard Plugins

Virtual Keyboard Plugins A virtual keyboard is a component that allows a user to enter characters without a physical keyboard. It’s an alternative input mechanism for those who cannot use a physical keyboard, or for multi-lingual users who switch frequently between different character sets or alphabets. Virtual keyboards are commonly used as an on-screen input […]

10 Awesome jQuery Print Page Plugins

Are you looking to create a print friendly website with custom implementation instead of default browser behaviour? Do you want to allow your users to print specific parts of the web page, instead of being forced to print the complete page? Do you wish to add custom headers and footers and implement different CSS styles […]

Optimize your jQuery selectors for best performance

Introduction Over time, the data size has increased for nearly every application. Due to huge amount of data residing in various database servers, performance becomes the most important and integral part of any application. If the page takes lots of time to render the data, it creates a bad impression and results in loss of […]

5 Useful jQuery Code Snippets For Developers

This post provides a list of 5 useful jQuery code snippets that every web developer must have in his kitty. These are useful for implementing different day-to-day tasks. These snippets can be used to change the button text on click, disable text selection on the website, check Internet connectivity, randomly change the element’s color and/or […]